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Catcode in action.

Draw your catcode and turn it into a digital bookmark!

Catcode How it works 1

A Catcode is a hand-drawn code that can be associated with any digital content.

Catcode How it works 2

Use Catcodes to enrich your paper notes with text, links, photos, videos, etc.

Catcode How it works 3

It works like a QR code. Simply scan a Catcode and see what's attached.

Introducing Catcode.

"We wanted a way to connect paper with digital. Like a QR code but easier to use. Thanks to AI, we created Catcode."

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out how this app can help you.

Catcode is a system of digital bookmarks that can be drawn directly on the paper. Catcode can be useful whenever you need to link digital content with paper notes. We designed Catcode especially for students. With this app, it is easy to enrich your notes with videos, audio and images. An example? Record your professor's voice and add it to your notes.

Catcode uses artificial intelligence and computer vision, so each cat is recognized as a fingerprint. The system is patent pending

Of course. You can download the app for free. Some more advanced features can be unlocked with the pro version.

Currently not. The Catcodes you register are only valid in your smartphone. We are working on sharing features. Follow us to stay up to date.

Right now if you lose your smartphone, you lose all associated catcode data. We are working to implement a cloud import/export system. Follow us to stay up to date.